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P@CE at the mobileHCI'05

In September 2005 we proudly presented a first running version of P@CE, Pr@senZ for the PocketPC, on the mobileHCI'05 conference in Salzburg, Austria.

The poster has been taken by Matthias Weber just before the beginning of the poster session. As the picture looks a little bit blurry (there seems to be enough room for improving todays mobile phone cams), the poster can be downloaded as pdf (~3mb).

  • M. Weber, T. Pfeiffer, & B. Jung. Pr@senZ - P@CE: Mobile Interaction with Virtual Reality. In Manfred Tscheligi, Regina Bernhaupt & Kristijan Mihalic (eds.): MOBILE HCI 05 Proceedings of the 7th International Conference on Human Computer Interaction with Mobile Devices and Services. ACM, New York. ISBN: 1-59593-089-2